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Hi guys and gals, from website commenting, promotion, reviews and critiques, InterWeb Local is a growing site full of opinions and promotions. You may learn a little, learn loads like my opinions or hate them - but they are certainly here all the same.


I would like to start off with a review of the Top5EOs website. At first I really liked it and felt that it was a wonderful idea, but then I delved a little bit deeper.

Wonderfully set out, clean, crisp and professional, providing a few quotes from respected sources. There was a link to a list of the best companies as rated by them. So at first glance, all was good.

Then I delved a little bit further. When you start asking questions and thinking through some of the issues that they would have if they really were independent, the house of cards seems to come tumbling down, exposing a lot of questions that are left begging.

First of all is the criteria for the so called assessments that they carry out. Client details are not accessable under the data protection act. If a company wishes to hand over details of their clients, they must first want to and they must get permission from the client themselves. This leaves the obvious problem of the company only divulging the details of the customers that they have been able to get the best Google statistics and are sure will provide fantastic feedback. This means that it would be absolutely impossible to get a realistic, across the board analysis of the results for a company. This is only the first problem of many.

Another problem is that companies who pay them are the ones who are 'properly' evaluated for rankings, and that is payment of an awful lot of money - between 4 and 18 hundred pounds a month! This therefore means that it is, at best, only an evaluation of the companies who pay them - not 'companies in the UK' as it suggests to be.

After discovering a few problems myself, I then came across the fact that there are dozens of people already campaigning against this site, often with even more serious evidence and accusations than what I am saying. Some of these accusations are from ex- payers who had their ranks increase while paying and drop afterwards!

So, over all, a very big thumbs down!

I express gratitude from the deep of my heart for your valuable time and support. I will always remain to you for this kindness.

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The site is clean and simple. It is easy to navigate with whatever you are in need of just a few clicks away.

There is a quick and easy car valuation 'thing' where you just put in a few details to get your car valuation.

Although everything looks good, I have heard a couple of poor reports from friends about selling their cars with this company, but will withold a definitive answer until I have had a chance to deal with them myself.

So, over all, the jury is still out on this one!

Ezine Articles

As far as article sites go, this one seems to me to be the best of the lot. Even so, it is not short on problems.

Article websites are notorious for being used by spammers. This basically means that people use them for self promotion and for effectively getting votes in the eyes of the search engines themselves. Therefore there is generally an abundance of nonsense out there published by people wanting their website to appear bigger than it actually is.

The fact that Google seems to favour this website is a good sign that it is trusted and therefore (due to the fact that Google are fussy) trustworthy to a greater extent than some. This is, in part, due to an upgrade in EzineArticles filtering process for articles.

A few examples of the things that they avoid is overuse of keywords. For example, if you were promoting driving schools and then said driving schools again, then in the next sentence or two said driving schools and then again and again - Ezine would disallow your article. Another thing they insist on is having articles well written. If it is poorly written, they will not allow it. Another thing they insist on is that it is a unique article. This is due to the fact that many spammers use the same article on lots of different sites.

So this filtering system helps to keep out some of the junk, but, at the same time can take longer than average to have an article published by them. Additionally, you can sometimes have articles refused for very little indeed, which can be frustrating.

So, over all, I like it, but not enough to use it often.

Driver Training Today

Driver training today is a forum for driving schools and driving instructors to get together to ask questions, discuss issues, learn new things in the driver training industry. Having connections in the driving instructors industry, I have frequented this site on many occasions and personally believe that it it one of the best options for new instructors and experienced trainers alike.

One of the big problems for any online forum is it's anonymous nature, which leaves it open to abuse in many ways, but, in general those running Harrow driving schools and independent preston driving instructors seem to do a reasonable job at keeping a slightly professional atmosphere. Whenever there is some sort of a problem, the mods generally seem to be quite quick to step in to keep the peace.

The main problem for traines within the industry is competetion. If you want help, the people you could ask will be the very people who want to stay ahead of the rest. This therefore means that it can be difficult to ask local driving schools for help when needed. The great thing about this forum is that the people are at least as qualified as the local driving schools that you could ask, but generally will not be living right on your doorstep and therefore will not be indirect competion with you.

That said, there can be a little back biting from some, but it does not take too long to identify them as they seem to do the same over and over again. Some seem to use every post to promote themselves, which can run dry very quickly too.

So, over all, I like it, but time will tell how it progresses as I am reasonably new to it.